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Monday, March 22, 2010

"running" into my 3rd week

“running” into my 3rd week….

Well…I have to say, I’m quite proud of myself…in the last 3 weeks of my running schedule (which is 5 days a week, plus now 2 days a week for boot camp), I have missed 1 run, which I made up on my “off” day….not to shabby for working full time, having a little one at home, and a hubby.

It’s funny, since I’ve been exercising, my eating habits and lack of alcohol have sure shaped up too. Why run and work out hard, and then eat junk…..(Paul is missing the junk though…poor him). I think he’s beyond proud of me too, for keeping up with the schedule. On Sunday, I literally ran across the city of Brandon….one point for me :)

On another note…dancing with the stars starts tonight….can’t wait (pathetic I know). Kate Gosselin, Pam Anderson, “The Bachelor”….perfect evening! Ha ha! Thank goodness Paul has hockey!

And on another note…my aunt continues to battle. She’ll be heading into WPG every day this week for radiation treatments. What a fighter. What kills me, is that she is now experiencing pain…It’s so hard to watch and hear someone you love with all your heart, be in pain all the time; and what’s worse, is there is nothing you can do. Be positive….I keep thinking there are those miracle stories, and I’m hoping she’ll be one.

Well, stay tuned :)

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