Every day is a blessing, make it count

Monday, March 22, 2010

"running" into my 3rd week

“running” into my 3rd week….

Well…I have to say, I’m quite proud of myself…in the last 3 weeks of my running schedule (which is 5 days a week, plus now 2 days a week for boot camp), I have missed 1 run, which I made up on my “off” day….not to shabby for working full time, having a little one at home, and a hubby.

It’s funny, since I’ve been exercising, my eating habits and lack of alcohol have sure shaped up too. Why run and work out hard, and then eat junk…..(Paul is missing the junk though…poor him). I think he’s beyond proud of me too, for keeping up with the schedule. On Sunday, I literally ran across the city of Brandon….one point for me :)

On another note…dancing with the stars starts tonight….can’t wait (pathetic I know). Kate Gosselin, Pam Anderson, “The Bachelor”….perfect evening! Ha ha! Thank goodness Paul has hockey!

And on another note…my aunt continues to battle. She’ll be heading into WPG every day this week for radiation treatments. What a fighter. What kills me, is that she is now experiencing pain…It’s so hard to watch and hear someone you love with all your heart, be in pain all the time; and what’s worse, is there is nothing you can do. Be positive….I keep thinking there are those miracle stories, and I’m hoping she’ll be one.

Well, stay tuned :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

day 5, of week one

i'm proud to say, i haven't missed a run yet....which is a good thing, because it's only been 5 days of our 16 week running program! today's run is a 6km or 4 mile, steady run. I'm actually looking forward to it. One of my runs this week I was able to take Chase and Chloe, and well enjoyed it, I'm hoping today will be as successful as that run.

tomorrow is our "day off" from running, and we are back at'er on Sat and Sun, which is fine by me. I believe Celebrity Apprentice starts on Sunday, and Desperate Housewives will be on too, which will keep my feet moving, and my mind occupied!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

kids these days....

we've been very lucky with having several babysitters to watch our little one....however we want to do dinner and a hockey game on saturday, and all 5 of our regular sitters are "tied up" with, I guess, better things to do :(

so we're training up a new girl....it may be just me, but when you get used to a couple of regular girls, with your little girl, I tend to tense up at the thought of getting someone "new".....

ah well, I guess they got to start some where.....and maybe I'll invest in a "nanny cam"....kidding, maybe.....ha ha! with chloe talking as much as she is, i think i have to worry way less.

i guess the more baby sitters we can get used to the better, I hate asking family and my parents to help out, they have a life to (although they usually offer, which is very nice, I hate to ask)....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This morning I woke up contemplating building a house again, and selling our place….I set out the pros and cons, and pondered all day long. After a busy day at work, and thinking about the unlimited options, I tackled and enjoyed a 5 km run with Chloe and Chase, and it felt wonderful.

I had a great play with Chloe, made supper with Paul, and pretty much considered this day done…and then just when you think you can pack it in for the night, a bomb is dropped.

It sounds to me like my aunt, only 52 years old, who has been fighting f-ing cancer for the last 4 years is running out of options and time. Although every day has been a blessing since her first being diagnosed (and considered terminal), I’m hoping for a miracle, an absolute miracle. I’m exhausted and drained about hearing of the doctor updates, treatments, options, scans, chemo, the list is endless; I can only imagine how she is feeling; never mind the damage that the chemo has done already, why her, seriously, why her?

Tonight is one of the first nights I’ve actually taken my thoughts to what it would be like with out her. Monday night Bingo would never be the same, “Geiler Girl” nights would be missing their leading lady, and I can’t even fathom the idea of Christmas. Her laughter, her jokes, and her smiling eyes would be missed by everyone, I repeat everyone. Everyone that has ever met her, can’t say a bad thing about her, she is just that like-able. She finally had a chance to check her e-mails the other day, and she had responded to my pictures of Chloe that I had sent, within her e-mail after telling me how adorable my little girl is, she writes “I’m so happy and lucky you’re my niece”. I have read the e-mail a dozen times, and I still get goose bumps.

Cross your fingers…..and send good luck.

Monday, March 8, 2010

week one of sixteen

Well….look out marathon here I come. I’m attempting to knock something off of my “bucket list”, something that I really use to enjoy; running. On Sunday June 20th (Father’s Day), my BFF and I are going to attempt the Manitoba half Marathon.

Week one, started on March 7th, which called for a long, slow run (run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute). March 7th was a perfect start date; my husband and I got to spend the weekend in WPG with good friends, and I could consume beer without feeling guilty, ha ha.

Also on March 7th were the Oscars….all 3.5 hours of it, perfect time to run and critize the best and worst dressed (Best dressed goes to Demi Moore & Sandra Bullock by far).

I am pleasantly surprised on how the run went. I actually completed it, with no problem, and probably could have gone faster….but hey, just the fact that I enjoyed it and completed it, is a step in the right direction.