Every day is a blessing, make it count

Thursday, March 11, 2010

day 5, of week one

i'm proud to say, i haven't missed a run yet....which is a good thing, because it's only been 5 days of our 16 week running program! today's run is a 6km or 4 mile, steady run. I'm actually looking forward to it. One of my runs this week I was able to take Chase and Chloe, and well enjoyed it, I'm hoping today will be as successful as that run.

tomorrow is our "day off" from running, and we are back at'er on Sat and Sun, which is fine by me. I believe Celebrity Apprentice starts on Sunday, and Desperate Housewives will be on too, which will keep my feet moving, and my mind occupied!


  1. good work! Can't wait until this weather warms up and the streets are dry to head outside for the runs!