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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The simple things in life....

The simple things in life……

I had the best weekend that I have had in a really long time. Friday afternoon I took
off and spent with my husband. We went for a motorcycle ride, a walk, then picked up our one and only. After we got Chloe we drove out to Rivers, and picked up a play structure (which she loved). Since we were running late we decided to go for Chinese....it was mouth watering delicious. Chloe ate more than I did, ha ha! She has her daddy’s appetite. She sat like a “big girl”, was neat and tidy while eating, said her manners, and I got goose bumps while everyone smiled and commented how cute she was; I was so proud.

Saturday was a full day. Got up, had breakfast, and then I was off for my 13 km run, while Chloe and Paul had some one on one time. When I got home, Paul went and helped my brother, and Chloe and I had a tea party (which are the best). I took Baba out while Chloe napped, then came home and we were outside playing until 7:30 pm (Chloe was beat). Chloe went to bed, and Paul and I worked our butts off together in the yard. It was nice, no television, no music, no phones, no texts, just some nice one on one time….much needed. We then fell into bed exhausted.

Sunday, Pauly worked days, so it was mommy and chloe day. We went for a family breakfast, followed by shopping. When we got home, Chloe decided to fight me for a nap….so as a change I let her sleep in a “big girl bed” instead of her crib. She thought and knew that was soooo special. I held her hand until she fell as asleep, her eyes would flutter so softly, and when she saw the slightest glance of me, she smiled. Melted my heart. I held her hand, and felt so damn lucky that she was mine. She’s healthy, smart, beautiful, and I love everything about her. She’s my BFF for life. When she got up, I brought her to my bed to read some books; she cuddled right in, looked up and said “I love you mama”.

Sunday evening my brother and sister inlaw brought their kiddies, whom are staying with us for the week. Jayden, who is 9, and Josh who is 2.5, are amazing. They’re great kids, and Chloe loves them to pieces. It will be a busy week, but a great week.

Hope you have a great week too :)

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